Metal Matrix Composites

When you combine materials with different properties and nature to obtain a combination of properties of the constituents you create a composite material. Metal matrix composites (MMCs) combine the conductivity, toughness and resilience obtained from the metals with hardness, high temperature stability, low coefficient of thermal expansion, stiffness or lightweight of the reinforcements. Typical MMCs are:

  • Diamond reinforced abrasives for abrasive cutting
  • Diamond reinforced metals for thermal management
  • Hard metals for metalworking and mining
  • Oxide dispersed strengthened (ODS) alloys for high temperature applications, welding tips and electrical contacts
  • Short fiber reinforced metals for stiffness and lightweight structural applications
  • Long fiber reinforced metals for aerospace applications

Fields of application:

Powder metallurgy (PM) is a common production method for such composites. In EPoS we have extensive experience in diamond abrasives and hard metals.