Super Abrasives

Diamond super abrasives are one of the most demanding applications as far as versatility, robustness, quality and speed of cut are involved.

With EPoS’ sintering technology high quality and high speed disks for granite (D54M00X) and marble (D33L00X) have been developed and produced with the advantage of flexibility, speed and low production costs. Molds and plungers with a large time-life have been optimized through series of thousands of sintered parts.


  • Examples of speeds of disks on state of the art frame saws:
  • D54M001 400 mm disk on Red Indian Quartzite: 550 cm^2/min
  • D54M001 400 mm disk on class IV Sardinian Rose granite: 980 cm^2/min
  • D33M004 500 mm disk on Marmo Bianco Carrara: 810 cm^2/min
  • D33M004 500 mm disk on Travertine: 820 cm^2/min