Alessandro Fais
Alessandro Fais

Co-Founder and CEO @ EPoS

Powders make wonders. Lover of things and systems to improve production and life.

I enjoy Change, People, Technologies, Powder Metallurgy, Physical Metallurgy, Materials Engineering, Materials Design and Selection, Quality.

BS and MoS in Materials Engineering with a thesis on Capacitor Discharge Sintering. PHD in Metallurgical Engineering.

Andreas Zeller
Andreas Zeller

Advisor @ EPoS

Product | Customer | Innovate | Engineer | Team | Change | Win

Products change the world!
EPoS has the potential to make the world a better place.
More sustainable materials
more eco-friendly product processing
more product performance
metal or metal-matrix appearances that fascinate and make people smile
With more than 20 years business and managing experience in new technology applications and powder based materials, I am proud to be part of the EPoS journey – for a better world.
I strongly believe in partnerships and achieving common targets.
With selected partners and collaborators, EPoS is set for the next level of products in various markets, with very distinct product differentiators.
This is why EPoS is unique.

Gabriele Brean
Gabriele Brean

E-Forging Machine Technician, Secondary School Diploma in Electric Engineering.

Fond of building things, materials and novelties.