Alessandro Fais
Alessandro Fais

Co-Founder and CEO @ EPoS

Powders make wonders. Lover of things and systems to improve production and life.

I enjoy Change, People, Technologies, Powder Metallurgy, Physical Metallurgy, Materials Engineering, Materials Design and Selection, Quality.

BS and MoS in Materials Engineering with a thesis on Capacitor Discharge Sintering. PHD in Metallurgical Engineering.

Andreas Zeller
Andreas Zeller

Advisor @ EPoS

Fascinated by new technologies!

Extensive experience in global automotive programs with high level of customer credibility. Lead and growth of multi-site engineering teams (direct and indirect reports). Broad experience in product and development strategies for material and drivetrain applications, including business development and high-level business case proposals. Proudly holding multiple internal award recognitions @ GKN Powder Metallurgy.

Gabriele Brean
Gabriele Brean

E-Forging Machine Technician, Secondary School Diploma in Electric Engineering.

Fond of building things, materials and novelties.