Cooperation for development

Product development is one of EPoS’ greatest expertise. With years of experience in the creation of new products we have learned that knowledge, care, accuracy, precision, focus, open mindedness and experience are the minimal requirements for the development of new materials and products.

Of all the methods to produce materials we have chosen powder metallurgy (PM) for the enormous amount of innovation which is possible is this relatively new branch of metallurgy. PM increase the possibilities to create innovative combination of properties but introduces the complications that arise when dealing with powdery systems: powder size, morphology, physical and chemical nature of the surfaces, flowability, compressibility, constancy of properties, availability on the market and price.

Deep knowledge of materials properties, behavior and cost effectiveness combined with an extensive experimental experience in electro-sinter-forging allow us to help you engineer new materials, new products and new ways to produce them.


  • ESF machine
  • High Energy Ball Mill
  • Turbula type mixer
  • Metallurgical lab

Small productions
Small productions

Initially born as a company with solely productive ambitions, EPoS has not completely lost its devotion to production. For small to medium productions, where margins cannot justify the acquisition of a dedicated machine we can provide productions services.

Our machine for R&D has been designed to handle autonomous automatic production runs of components up to 250-350 mm^2 of projected area and a thickness of 1.5 to 10 mm.