What is EPoS?

EPoS is the company founded to industrialize an innovative high speed sintering process which can revolutionize materials and applications in many fields of industry. EPoS is also an acronym for Electron Power Sintering.

What do you do in EPoS?

We sinter materials with a new high speed process which allows to obtain, for example, nanocrystalline, hard, metastable materials.

Great! I need an allumina lining with a nanocrystalline grain and the size of a cement kiln, how about it?

As much as we would like to satisfy these needs, every technology has limitations. We currently sinter:

  • * metals
  • * metal-ceramic composites
  • * metal-metal composites basically without limitations on composition

With our proto-type machine we can sinter relatively small objects with a diameter below 20 mm and a height/thickness between 1 and 10 mm . Machines based on the same technology will allow us to increase this size to indefinetly long square or rectangular billets.

Nice words but I don’t get it, what can you produce with this proces

Abrasive tools, cutting tools, magnets, silver, gold, and platinum blanks, porous filters, heat sinks and many more!

Now I get it. Suppose I’m interested in trying these objects, where can I find them?

Good question. Currently we are not equipped for extensive productions. We are provinding our materials for testing and benchmarking to our clients and every one who is looking to improve its product range. Feel free to contact us with our enquiry form so we can discuss the details and send you some samples for testing.

No, I’m not interested in what you have developed, I’m in the need of another application that I would like to sinter with your process. What should I do?

New applications are always welcome in EPoS. With our extensive know how on thousands of powder systems and different geometries we can suggest the most effective and least complicated way to try sintering the new material. Contact us specifying material, geometry and requirements. It will be our pleasure to get back to you as soon as possible.