EPoS raises one million euro investment from the Nivalis Group

Dear All,

EPoS srl becomes EPoS Technologies SA, moves to Switzerland and rises late seed of 1M€ from the Nivalis Group which we are now very proud and happy of being part of. This welcomed investment by the Nivalis Group will finally allow the company to structure and grow, to be able to adequately serve its key customers and develop in the most promising markets. The Nivalis Group is an evergreen fund that helps entrepreneurs develop their business in the areas of automation and mechatronics for the industries of watches, automobiles, medical devices and health science. Nicolas Corsi, Nivalis’ brilliant CEO, will be part of EPoS’ team as a board member. Andreas Zeller, as experienced precious active shareholder of EPoS, will contribute in the Advisory Board. I will continue to lead the company as CEO, board member and shareholder and will be working permanently in Villaz Saint Pierre.

Another step toward the full industrialization of this unique lean, clean, high speed processing technology. Another step to improve humanity's way too producing things and to reduce our environmental impact.

Alessandro Fais