EPoS updates | COVID19 outbreak and suspension of activities





Following the urgency measures taken by the Italian and all other European states in these last weeks, we are here to comunicate that all activities in EPoS’ headquarters will be suspended until further notice. All cooperators, workers, co-workers, their families and friends are warmly invited to follow the recommendations by the World Health Organization to avoid, wherever possible, all contacts with other people, to keep a safe distance of at least one meter and to wash your hands frequently and throughly with soap to minimize the viral charge that might build up in our respiratory systems. Although mortality rates are low and seem limited to the weakest, the health systems of all our countries are struggling to keep people alive due to overload of the necessary equipment so, for the sake of all, please respect all local, national and international directives.


All will end and the best will emerge. Stay safe, stay calm and help others do the same.